Be Unstoppable! Your 12 Week Online Training Plan

Go from doing random workouts and not seeing results, to following a specially designed programme, building healthy habits and getting results that you're PROUD of.

Have you tried on your own but not seeing results?

Then my BADASS 12 week training programme is for you!

This 12 week online training plan is specifically designed to sculpt and strengthen your whole body, but we don’t just stop there! Your fitness will skyrocket. We are going to totally up-level your training so you can start your year feeling like the total badass that you are.
This plan is for you if you want to
  • Increase your strength and feel STRONG physically and mentally.
  • Feel really freaking confident in your own skin.
  • Take your fitness to the next level.
  • Improve your mental health to feel less stressed, happier and more positive about yourself.
  • Build healthy habits to support your training and feel better by simply making small lifestyle changes.
  • Feel like a total badass!
Do you need help with training consistently? Accountability? Knowing what to actually do to sculpt your body?

Then THIS is the programme for you!

Client Wins

Carly a participant at the The 12 Week Online Training Plan


I just wanted to say that I took a look through my exercise history yesterday and saw that I was doing 15kg deadlifts in January, and now I can confidently do more than double that! So thank you, it’s been awesome!

Thanks Judith. I’m really enjoying it and feel great after each workout. Thank you so much!!!

Be Unstoppable!
The 12 week training plan

This is a resistance training programme so we’ll be using weights, either at home or at the gym. You have 2 options to choose from. The HOME and GYM training plans are the same, simply using different equipment to make it accessible no matter where you’re training.


If you’re training from home, this is the plan for you. You’ll be using
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Running, alternatives available.
You will need weights that will challenge you, especially as we progress through the programme.


If you’re training in the gym, this is the option for you. Using
  • Barbell and plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Plyo box, resistance bands
  • Cardio kit such as a rower and running.
Weights used need to be challenging for you to create change.

Build Healthy Habits

There’s so much more to getting results and feeling GREAT than just working out. So we’ll also be incorporating these 4 supporting aspects:

🌱 Nutrition

🌱 Sleep

🌱 Movement

🌱 Mental Health

Over the 12 weeks you will learn how to optimise these 4 areas in your life, to truly feel your BEST. We will build healthy habits that will have you feeling energised, more positive, strong – physically and mentally and confident in your own skin.

How does it work?

Your personal trainer in your pocket – You’ll have your training plan delivered straight to your phone via the Fitr App (free for you to download). Now this is a total GAME CHANGER!

  • Videos to go with each exercise. If you’re not sure how to do something, the video is there to guide you.
  • Track what weights you’re using and challenge yourself every workout.
  • Message me in the app with questions, achievements or when you need support. I’m there with you every step of the way, motivating, supporting and cheering you on.
In addition to the awesome training plan, you’ll also be able to join my private Instagram account where I’ll be posting
  • Weekly real time workouts
  • Motivation
  • Health tips
  • Challenges to build healthy habits
  • Live Q&A’s – tap into my knowledge and expertise on all things health and fitness.

What does this mean for you?

  • Save time! You don’t need to figure out what workouts to do every day. Goodbye to random workouts that got you no-where! Instead skyrocket toward your goal of getting stronger, fitter, sculpting your body and feeling really freaking confident in your own skin.
  • Everything in one place. Your workouts and support from me as we communicate through the 12 weeks, all in one app.
  • Expert support and guidance from me throughout the 12 weeks. Ask questions, share your wins, build healthy habits in a supportive and safe environment.
  • Accountability. With me in your pocket, there will be no excuses to not show up for yourself, helping you stay consistent with your training. The key to success? Consistency.
  • Be a part of a wonderful community of women all on this same journey as you – because we’re Stronger together and our environment matters.

Client Love

Theresa a participant at the The 12 Week Online Training Plan


Like me, if you think you can’t do it, too old, too overweight, too achey…. just sign up with Judith, I guarantee you will soon forget all of the ‘reasons’ that have stopped you. This 12 week plan eases you in, make it part of your day and you won’t be sorry.

I cannot recommend Judith enough, her patience, knowledge and support is just amazing.

I lost nearly 15 inches across my body measurements! That is insane! I feel fitter, healthier and stronger, I turned 50 at the beginning of the year and feel ten years younger.

Thank you Judith…what’s next??

And some More...

emma participant training plan


Having just completed Judith’s 12 week program I can honestly say if you’re thinking about doing one. Stop thinking and just DO IT.

You won’t regret it… Judith is the best trainer, so supportive, full of advice and top tips but importantly really gets you to challenge yourself to see results – both physically and mentally.
A really worthwhile investment in yourself.

Your Personal Trainer Judith

A 5ft3 pocket rocket, I’m a keen Crossfitter and am training to be Strong, Confident and feel Unstoppable! I’ve been eating sugar free for 10+ years and am all about living a healthy and active lifestyle.

My passions in life? Exercise and living a healthy balanced life, my dog Alfie and meditation.

Personal training is already my 2nd career – I previously spent my twenties working in London as a VFX line producer on films including Godzilla, Batman v Superman and Captain America. Getting burnout after 7 years of working long hours, under a lot of pressure with constant deadlines, I learnt the hard way just how important it is to live a balanced life. To take time for ourselves to fill our own cup, and to take control of our own health and fitness.

Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, no-one else is going to do it for us.

My approach when working with clients?
I’m a keen advocate of functional training – training in a way that directly translates into day to day life and has you feeling strong, confident and unstoppable. It’s incredibly rewarding and just makes sense!

But we don’t stop there. I also like to bring the focus on building healthy habits centred around nutrition, sleep, movement and mental health. Why? Because when we combine our training with a healthy lifestyle, we can truly feel our best.

Judith is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Other qualifications include:
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Judith with blue top outdoor

Client Love

phili trained with judith


I loved the training plan! I loved the consistency and accountability. The workouts were challenging, varied and always fun!

Ready to step into your Power and take Action?
Join the waiting list, no obligation to sign up.

If you’re not sure what to expect when it comes to the training try the…

…to get an idea of what a week on Be Unstoppable! looks / is like. All via the Fitr App. Choose from the HOME or GYM option, depending on what equipment you have, same as the 12 week programme. Perfect to try before we start the next enrollment.

More Client Love

Carly a participant at the The 12 Week Online Training Plan


I’m self-employed and have a varied work schedule, and so I need my training plan to be flexible – having fixed days and times each week to meet a coach or go to the same class would not work for me. So having Judith in the app has been incredible.

The plan is so well considered, keeping each day and week feeling varied whilst gradually building strength with specific exercises.

I’ve never felt motivated to push myself to lift heavy, but in the 12 weeks I went from 15kg deadlifts to 40kg – I feel so proud of myself and now am keen to continue building my strength – it’s been as much about mental strength as it has physical.

Following the plan has also brought more awareness to the impact my menstrual cycle has on my training.

Although it was a group plan, the design of each workout meant that I could easily select a different days workout to focus on exercises that felt better for my body on that day, or to adapt the workout by leaving out the finishers on days where it didn’t feel good to do the more intense work.

This meant that I felt safe following the plan whilst having autonomy to adapt it when I needed.

Judith is not only great as a coach, but she’s also a wonderful pocket cheerleader – always encouraging at the right times, with a kind understanding ear when life gets in the way of working out.

Over the 12 weeks I felt challenged, strong, and most important of all, had fun following the workouts.

I now feel so much more confident going into the gym, knowing I can train strong safely.

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